ABOUT ME-Details, Services, Terms & Rates, FAQ


If you are looking for a beautiful and engaging compation to accompany you on a business trip, to dinner, absolute relaxation I am in your disposal...

Special, Elite Escort and Cruel and nasty Mistress, based in Italy and also available traveling everywhere in Europe and almost around the world.

I am intelligent, smart, educated, sexy and sensual, passionate with good sense of humour. You also find me very romantic and sensitive. My open-mind personality comforts those who are stressed and impresses those with a bit more experience.

I am TRULY BISEX and available fot HOT ESCORTDUO and REAL LESBO SHOW wity one of my beautiful Girlfriends. ALSO FOR COUPLES & THREESOME.

My passion is traveling, study cultures equals my desire for new adventures... I love to be active for all moments of my life. If you like sport we can do some kind of it together during our trip. I like to spend time with a charming mature gentlemen who makes me laugh and knows how to treat women. I do my best to make each day a stimulating unforgettable experience for both of us.
Looking forward to very romantic meeting .

BEFORE contacting me READ CAREFULLY ALL THIS PAGE: Services, FAQ, Terms & Rates. Mails, Questions and enquiries whose answers are already contained in this sites WILL NOT BE RETURNED.



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Before contacting me to reserve my time for you please consider these rates & informations and

Please note that I am unavailable for dates which last less than 2 hrs.
Short meetings 2-3h are provided IN ITALY ONLY.
Minimum booking requested for Europe and Overseas.




Rates in Italy    3-4 days notice
2-3h in the afternoon in ITALY   800€
Afternoon            800€
Dinnerdate          1000€
Overnight            1600€
24h                      2000€
48h, Weekend      3000€
Enquiry by mail for longer accomodations, trips, overseas schedules

Rates in Italy for DUO with Girlfriend
2-3h afternoon   600€ for each girl
Afternoon          800€ for each girl
Dinnerdate       1000€ for each girl
Overnight         1300€ for each girl
24h                 1600€ for each girl
48h, Weekend      2000€ for each girl
Enquiry by mail for rates for DUO in EUROPE, trips, overseas schedules

Rates in EU   7-10 days notice

Afternoon Min. booking in EU  1500euro
Dinnerdate       1800euro
Overnight        2000euro
24h                  2600euro
Weekend        3500euro
Enquiry by mail for longer accomodations, trips, overseas schedules

For Worldwide & Overseas Schedules (USA, UAE, India, Tokio, Hong Kong, Australia) a minimum booking of 12h or 24h is required.
Rates are the following:
12h        3000euro
24h        4500euro
48h        6000euro
additional day   1500euro
1 week              9000euro



Before to write or call me make sure you have carefully to read this page with Services, Terms and Rates. In this way, both of us spare precious time. I receive or I move only for appointments that have been booked with an appropriate notice and confirmed with upfront payment if you are a 1st time client.

Appointments already booked MUST BE CONFIRMED by phone or by SMS at least 1 day before the meeting, or they will be considered cancelled.

If you want an appointment with a few notice (1 or 2 days), please contact me by phone, because I have a normal life and do not spend the day at home in front of the PC. That's why I can't check my mail regularly. ABSOLUTELY NO LAST MINUTE MEETINGS!!!!!!

If you write me, please remember to include in your email as much information as possible, as well as your name, age and area of origin and most of all your mobile number.

This will make it simple, nice and friendly our meeting.

I do not answer mails with questions whose answer are already clearly displayed in the pages of this website.

Avoid calling me from an unknown number because I will not take the call, and it would be a waste of time for both.

If I do not respond immediately it's because I'm busy, as soon as I am free I will call you back and you can easily contact me.

e-mail: tanjavip@yahoo.es



Your fees are not accessible to me, can we treat and have a short meeting?

No I'm sorry. My fees, terms and conditions are not negotiable.

I intend to meet you frequently, can I get a discount?

Discounts are for estabilished clients only, not for newbies. Meet me frequently and you will get discount. Furthermore if you are a 1st time client I ALWAYS ask a 50% upfront payment + travel expenses to be sent in advance.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

Absolutely not

I have small temporary liquidity problem: How can we agree?

Call me as soon as you solved this problem


Can we meet for a drink or a brunch, so I can know you better before to make a reservation?

It doesn't work this way, sorry. If I'd accepted these requests I would spend the days with timewasters in bars or restaurants. I spent a lot of effort to make this website, which is constantly updated and contains all the informations and pics that you can be use immediately to value if I am good for you. So please don't try to waste my time, cause the answer will ever be "NO"Could we become personal friends?No thank you! I have a great circle of personal friends and do not have much time for new ones. Many Gentlemen I met with my work have became wonderful friends. I offer to my guests a wonderful company and often wery rewarding and lasting friendship is born.Anyway our meetings are always on a professional and discreet level

What is the best way to contact you for an appointment?

You can write an email with your enquiry place-date-duration or much better call me on the phone. The phone provides IMMEDIACY. remember that I don't answer calls with unknown numbers. CONTACT ME WHEN YOU ARE READY TO MAKE A BOOKING: IT IS USELESS IF YOU CONTACT ME 1 MONTH BEFORE AND YOU ARE NOT READY TO MAKE A RESERVATION IN A SHORT TIME

How many time in advance shall I book for an appointment?

As many as possible. If you are a 1st time clients my booking is when you send deposit as reservation and booking, if you are an estabilished client my booking is when you send travel expenses as reservation and booking

Need to confirm you a booked appointment after I sent you deposit and/or travel expenses?

Yes it is mandatory. All appointments must be confirmed before than 48h to the meeting for travels in Europe and overseas, 24h for outcalls in Italy & Switzerland, if incalls in Italy & Switzerland within 12h. Unconfirmed meetings are considered cancelled and the deposit will be lostIf I were a setback, have I to tell in advance? Certainly! You will demostrate a Gentleman and your deposit won't be lost. The time that I have reserved for you could not suddenly be granted to another Sir, and this for me would be an unfortunate loss of earnings caused by your superficiality and your lack of respect

Will you go a few days on holiday with me?

Sure, if you totally agree my terms and rates

Are you willing to move travel?

Yes, those with and those who are able to offer concrete and tangible guarantees of absolute and proven reliability moral, ethical and economic, with whom quicly accepted my terms and placed a booking

Why you do not answer calling with unknown numbers?

Cause most of them are timewasters bothering me with useless questions. Not to show the phone number is a bad way to start a relationship that should be enjoyable and mutual trust. then your number is the guarantee for me of your seriousness. If it happened unexpectedly a little accident, I wish I could tell on time, avoiding a wasted trip. Of course i shall always be discreet for your peace of mind

Why can not I reach you by calling?

The reasons might be the following:

-you are making a call with cover number

-it is morning and I am still sleeping

-I'm out of coverage and do not receive the signal

-I am "busy" or there is people around me and I cannot answer

-you was previously misbehaved and i warned you not to call anymore

In every of these cases but the last send me a SMS text message and i will contact you as soon as possible

Why do not answer my mails or I do not receive them? The reasons might be the following:
- By mistake you misspelled your e-mail address when I contacted you. 
- Your mailbox is 'full and not the empty. 
- You've written content disrespectful, vulgar or obscene. 
- You've written addressing questions that are already answered on this site. That s why you should have the patience to read all the notes and the written rules on this site 
- Keep in mind that when you write insults or vulgarity, your e-mail address has been blocked and I do not even get your mail. 


If we liked each other and something happened between us "special", could we do something without precautions?
Absolutely not. My health is excellent and I am determined to keep it. I also wish that my partner will be happy and should never has doubts about it , and in the following days can sleep soundly

What should I behave with you?
With respect, as with any other human being or colleague. Like in all human relationships if you are personable, friendly and cute, you certainly more likely to get a better result. 

Accept French Kiss? 
Yes, of course. 

It 's my first time with an escort. What should I do? 
Tell me when you contact me. I'll know exactly what to do. Remember that this may be your first time, but certainly not mine then have faith, trust me and do not worry about anything ... I am so excited that I'm afraid of not to be able to combine anything ... You can have all the time you want and you should not feel obligated to do anything in particular. Nobody asks virtuosity and skill exercises. With the mind prefiggerti a detailed action plan, but leave to go to the sensations that you will experience from moment to moment ... 

It 's my first date with an escort. How much time will I need?
At least one hour and preferably two, if you can permit it by yourself. You will need some time to start a conversation with me and then, perhaps laughing and joking together amicably, let go and relax. You'll be surprised at how quickly the remaining time runs when you're having so much fun ... 

Could we familiarize a bit 'with some mails before to meet? 
I can correspond with you via e-mail for a very short initial time. But if you continue to send mails without inconclusive and schedule a meeting, cease to respond. My time is money! 


Are you bisexual? Accept couples?
Yes. Yes. 

Do you know any good places where we could meet? 
Sure, I know a good variety of hotels. 

In your work, try the "pleasure" and "participation"? 
Like everyone, even an escort girl can run into a subdued day, but no more than anyone else. Personally, I take a great pleasure in my work and I find it extremely exciting, the combination of fees, appointments, and social function. Can be so excited to bring about a lasting smile on the faces of customers and leave them a wonderful unforgettable experience. If then you were "special" ... I, as a woman I could feel sensations "special"